Ben & Sarah Geddes

Sarah Geddes [nee Charlwood] contacted the team at his handsome self with a very specific brief. She wanted to create a bow tie for her husband, Ben, that complimented the Vintage Garden Wedding they had planned for their nuptials. The team, headed by our creative, Rohan Browne, went to work and created this pearler: "Marlboro Gardens". They were in love.


It was truly wonderful to have custom this bow tie service available for the groom. Brides have an array of choices for their wedding look, whereas the men often miss out. With ease and gentlemanly grace, His Handsome Self made the experience a pleasure. To have a bespoke, stylish and personalised accessory really added such sentimentality and interest to the outfit. Earnestly recommend with all our hearts

                                                                                                                                                                                             - Ben and Sarah Geddes


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